Wake up, smartphone zombies! Leave your screens and save society.

Jacob Hensler
4 min readOct 19, 2020


An approach to every human being who wants to protect the next generations.

People on their phones. By Hugh Han.

Hello, humanity!

What the heck are we doing?

We stare at our screens all day long. For what? Do you feel better after watching other people's lives? People you barely know or you don’t know at all. Your followers, your “friends”. Yes, I do feel better after posting a picture and receiving likes for that. Something in me feels satisfied. But isn’t that just insane? We waste our worthful time on earth with thinking about what the people around us think about our online-personality? We play stupid smartphone games, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook like zombies and becoming dumber and uncommunicative every day. Our children think that this is the real world, real life. They grow up with their second ID that is an online one. Watching useless Tv shows on Netflix while we could do so many things!

Delete social media! Back to the roots.

Look what the people did before we moved into the internet. I mean the internet is a gift and it is useful and we definitely need it these days. But all the other things around it drive me nuts. To see eleven-year-olds at school with their iPhones don’t talk with their friends anymore. Only texting. Even when they are in the same room or standing next to each other.

We destroy the communication between us humans.

Our children’s children will hate our generation. They have to fight hard to fix our mistakes, our stupidity. I hope they destroy smartphones and go back to nature. Enjoy the beautiful planet without taking pictures of everything because nobody cares.

The most shocking thing is: we all know about it. We know that we are destroying humanity and also the earth, the planet we lived on for thousands of years. But there is a little voice in our brains that says: Somebody will fix it, don't you worry! And it's not your job to do so. Go back to your screen and waste your time on social media. It's not worth being concerned about future generations. Because if you are honest to yourself: The day the earth is going to collapse I will probably be dead by then anyway.

Be conscious of what you are doing.

Let’s help our future generations. Go into nature without your cellphone. Try to be with yourself. It’s hard! But once you can relax and just enjoy the silence of the forest, you appreciate it more than your noisy smartphone. You start to miss the quietness of nature when you come back into city life. In addition to that, you will start to miss not being on your phone. To be unavailable in a time that everyone is available 24 hours 7 days a week. And even worse: everyone is expecting you to be available 24/7. Take your time and flee from that unspoken and unhealthy promise.

Nobody even cares about your online ID.

I used to believe that the people who watch my online presence actually care about it, that they are interested in my posts. But then I watched myself acting on social media platforms and I realized that I'm not really interested in “my friends” personalities neither. It is just this superficial friendship that has no real depth.

I’m in Canada right now. Amazing shores and breathtaking landscapes and I always want to do an Instagram story or Snapchat but then I think: why? It’s my life, my adventures and it’s only for me. Why do I always want to share everything with my stupid smartphone? Nobody even cares. They just look into your story for seconds and that’s it. All this effort and destroying the moment for taking a picture for others, strangers, followers.

Easy rules for a healthy relationship with your smartphone

  1. No phone when you are spending quality time with a friend. Leave it in your pocket or turn it into flight mode.
  2. No phone at the dinner table. Focus on eating and socializing with your company.
  3. No phone in bed. Put it away before you go into bed and read a book instead. It's way better to fall asleep too!
  4. No phone after you woke up. Take the first 30 minutes of the day for yourself. you will struggle in the beginning: what the heck am I doing without my phone?
  5. Set a screen time limit for your phone. This will help you to only use your phone when you actually need it. Don't waste your time on social media!

Create real, true and genuine connections with people.



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