Set goals like this, or live unsatisfied until the end of your life.

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Dream big or die small.

Having goals in life is one of the most powerful things. Those can seem as unrealistic as becoming the new James Bond actor, owning a brand new Ferrari or speaking 10 different languages. Goalsetting is not about being a realist because that’s exactly the reason why most people never achieve their goals:
You are satisfied with the things you think you deserve. You try to set realistic goals but simply because they are so realistic, you don’t hold the necessary motivation and inspiration to reach them.

In the beginning, they laugh at you and your goals. In the end, they envy you.

No matter how unrealistic or absurd your dreams may seem, never let anybody destroy them. Humans are naturally grudged and jealous of other people’s life. They are afraid that other people are living a better life than themselves. Hence they throw rocks onto those people’s ways and try to make life hard for them.

If we all would be as supportive and friendly to each other as we pretend to be all the time, so many more dreams in this world would come true.

As soon as somebody leaves the hamster wheel of life because of a goal he or she has, a shrill alarm goes off. Attention! Somebody is breaking out of regularity! Stop him or her! Maybe this person will have a better life than you!

Never let anybody stop you from following your dreams and goals.

It is your life, not somebody elses.

The way is the goal.

This saw is comparable to “Anticipation is the greatest joy”. Therefore it is important to enjoy the walk to the goal itself, even though the way isn’t always rainbows and unicorns but rocky as well. But that’s not a reason to leave the road and give up. If you really want something, why wouldn’t you risk everything for it? What do you have to lose?
Most times the way to the goal is more desirable than the goal itself.

Define your goals.

To not let the goals stay dreams only, you have to undertake detailed steps. Ask yourself: “How can this dream come true? Which next steps do I have to make?
After doing that it often turns out that the goal you are dreaming about is not as desirable as you think it would. But on the contrary, it’s not worth the trouble.

Stop dreaming, start doing!

You have to decide if you want to be a dreamer or a doer.

Defining your goals is the first step towards being a doer. Believe me, it’s not that easy to write down what exactly you want to achieve, what you want to do, what you want to be or what you want to own one day. You might dream about being rich, or to fly to Australia for holidays, or to drive a Porsche, or to have your own company. Well, let me encourage you by saying this: all those things can be accomplished because you are a doer. If you are a dreamer all those things listed above would stay dreams. Dreamers smile about the idea of running their own little company, sigh, shake their heads and continue the job they don’t like. For the rest of their lives.

Doers clarify their goals.

They sit down and try to focus on HOW they can drive a Porsche or go to Australia for holidays. They figure out how much money they would need for the journey, set up a saving plan, put money away every month and go to Australia by the end of the plan.
Or he or she sets up a finance plan on how to lease a Porsche.

Once the doer drives his Porsche in Australia, the dreamers will look at him, fulfiled with greed.

You are a doer now!

Next time you catch yourself dreaming about a potential goal shout out loud: Stop! Hold on to this imagine in your head and write it down. Take your time to think about it and ask yourself: HOW do I achieve this goal? Often the “Think-Backwards-Technique (TBT) helps. Start from having accomplished the goal and go the steps back towards your current situation. You will discover more potential ways of realizing this idea by going backwards. It’s just a change of perspective.

Go and get it!

Dream big and achieve great goals.



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Jacob Hensler

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