A letter to my past love.

Jacob Hensler
Oct 18, 2020


Photo by Neel on Unsplash

Thinking about all the memories

we couldn't create together makes me sad

and regretful.

you have taught me how to be an honest





human being


the language barrier.

You found me

when I was in the most vulnerable mindset

you invited me

into your bed

you told me that you love me

and that I don't have to say it back

I told you that I love you back.

Everything felt so exciting with you

until a thief called life

stole you from me.

One planet

one earth

you feel so close to me.

Two continents

two countries

you feel so far away from me.

I'm in between those worlds

living in a place called heart.

You trapped me in there

and threw away the master key.

I'm still sitting here without anything

but love

writing this letter

waiting for you to free me.

will you ever come?



Jacob Hensler

I can never stop thinking…let me think out loud!