22 life lessons that will improve your life.

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Life lessons help us to improve our lives. If we don’t reflect on our actions, our lives won’t change and we will still be complaining about it, even though we have the power to do anything we want. You can’t think of any life lessons? Lucky you, that I have some motivational inspirations for you.

  1. If you are the smartest in the room, you are in the wrong room. That might sound harsh, but let us be serious: If you feel like everyone around you is on a whole different level than you, you have to change that situation because that won’t be healthy in the long run. Why? Read lesson nr. 2.
  2. The 5 people you spend the most time with are the mirror of yourself. So to say: you absorb your environment and adapt to behaviours taking place around you. If the people around you are just talking about getting drunk and how to spend the next Saturday night, then these are the topics you will be talking about as well. If your inner circle is discussing potential business ideas and how to invest the (little) money they have, this is a more viable connection in the long run. Because you will forget about those drunk Saturday nights but won’t forget the successful businesses you built.
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3. Life begins after your comfort zone. Go out there and try things! If everything you do is inside those secure safety zones of yours, you neither adventure new sides of the world nor discover new skills for yourself. How can you know your strengths and weaknesses if you never search for them by jumping into the cold water? Sooner than later life will take over and throw you into it, be brave and smart and do it yourself.

4. The thing you don’t want to do is most likely the thing you have to do. It can be a phone call you don’t want to do or a doctor’s appointment you don’t want to go to or even to break up with your partner you don’t want to do but you feel like the relationship is not going anywhere anymore. Those are things you have to do but you keep on post boning them which is not good for your mental health because it's a stressor in your brain.

5. Anxiety is not a real thing. Anxiety is not a physical threat, it doesn't exist. Keep that in mind. Control your own body and your own thoughts and you will be in control of your anxieties.

6. Don’t stress about your future. Life will let you know when you are ready.

7. The truth always comes to light. No matter how long you can hide something, it will always come out and surprise you. It’s better to be honest from the start so that you don’t let people down.

8. Time heals every wound.

9. Have goals. Goals are important to keep you motivated, focused and productive. Write them down and read them every time you have the feeling to lose track. If you don't have any yet, start dreaming. Nothing is too big to achieve.

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10. Everything happens for a reason. It might sound cheesy but to live by this mantra the world isn't that bad anymore. You see a purpose beyond things, no matter if you understand why something happened as it did. To tell yourself “it happened for a reason” gives you this relaxing and soothing feeling that helps you to move on quicker.

11. Don’t complain. Change!

12. Karma exists. Believe it or not. But everything comes back to you in life. One time I found 50€ in front of a house and I gave it back to the owner. The very next day I lost 900€ out of my pocket and then karma happened. The person who found the money gave everything back. Do you remember a karma situation that happened in your life?

13. Smartphones are the time waster nr. 1. Next time you just finished a long social media session ask yourself: what did I learn from that? was it worth to spend time? I bet your answer is going to be NO.

14. Read a book instead of Netflix. Next time you cant decides which Netflix show to watch, turn off the Tv, put your phone away and start reading a book! Reading is one of the greatest things you can do because it can teach you almost everything.

15. Overthinking kills creativity. Ideas get destroyed by thinking too much about them. Even though they might sound insane and undoable, just write them down and look at them at a later time instead of overthinking and killing it.

16. Mindset is the key to success. Work on your mindset and built a solid fundament for your thinking. Books will help you to collect different aspects of topics you want to have within your mindset. If it includes mental mechanisms like Auto Suggestion

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17. No risk no fun. This mantra is linked to “Leave your comfort zone” and it doesn’t mean you should do silly things at high risk. Its meant to be more like a way of thinking

18. Do something you will remember. Life is too short anyway, so do things you will remember. Most likely you remember the things you did outside of your comfort zone. What events can you recall, that happened in the last 3 years and left a remarkable memory in your brain?

19. Don’t do drugs, don’t smoke. You got one body and one brain in this life. Why would you poison your machinery and destroy the most valuable thing you got in life: your mental health.

20. The biggest weakness and strength is love (pink glasses). Wearing those glasses is like having a superpower. On the one hand, you can only see the good things about the person you are attracted to and all you want is to please this person no matter what. You would end your career and move to the other side of the world if you’d have to.

21. The key to finding yourself is a reflection of your actions. How can you learn from your mistakes if don’t reflect on what happened? Sit down and recall some of the big events that happened in your life and think about how you behaved and performed. What can you do better next time? This process of reflection helps you to figure out what kind of person you are and how to work on yourself.

22. Pain is the greatest teacher. If physical or psychological pain, both teach you how to learn from life lessons. You don't know that a stovetop is hot until you put your hand on it and burn yourself. Experience pain and you won't do it again. The pain of a breakup or a loved one passing away is metaphorically speaking the Monster of Loch Ness. Even though you can't see it, you know it's there. Be interested and open towards experiencing pain because it can teach you a lot about yourself.

Try to find an example of each of those lessons that happened in your life. If you found on, reflect on how your reaction and the outcome was. Could you have handled it better?

All in all, life lessons are there to be shared, so that we can learn from each other. What are the lessons you want to talk about?



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